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Monday, January 28, 2013

Proud of you

I'm proud of you.. :)


GOOD LUCK with your (our) future..
Please bear with the 3 years to come..

Shit things will happen..
Not once.. not twice.. maybe double / triple times more than your good days.

Just live with it, sabar, and have my shoulder..
InsyaAllah everything will be alright..

I know you can do it..
I know we can do it..
I know HE will protect our relationship..

Maybe we take serious thing slowly,
Not because we afraid of commitment,
Not because we didn't have enough courage,
It is all about good preparation, good planning towards our life change.

My do'a~~
May both of us have a great success in study, career path, life, as well as self-Creator relationship..

Aminn..Aminn.. Ya Rabbal Alaminn.. ~~

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Just a little update..

Value of teamwork..

When you work as a team.. You have to WORK as a TEAM.. Do you get what I mean? huuuu..

Kadang-kadang bila bekerja dengan orang yang terlalu pandai nieyh, much prblems will arose which in the end you'll get rubbish as a result. Bila bekerja dengan orang selfish, diorang tahu diorang je betol. Tak dengar pandangan orang, and entahlah.. apa yang diorang nak accomplish or buktikan pun tak taw.

Kau buat kerja seorang diri, Kau memilih dalam berkawan. Kau anggap diri kau terlalu pandai. Kau fikir terlalu deep. Boleh ke dapat result yang efficient or even perfect dengan berdiskusi berdua instead of 4 group members.

Sorry. I can't cope with you.