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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Second Hitch :)

Second hitch! Back to Miri! :D

Different hotel! Saje nak rasa variety.. Aiceh! Same experience as departed to Miri :) . But, this time, I chose Meritz Hotel for one night stay. Ermm.... accomodation, room decoration, bellboy, all five stars.. except one.. service dorang. Hoh.. tak mesra alam.. masaaammm jer... anyway, kalau kat Marriot Hotel, orange juice at least provided as registration process took some time.. blerghh.. But, okaylah... Maybe receptionist tuh mood swing kut :p

The next day, chopper time!!! Bukan moto-chopper tuh.. i mean HELICOPTER... Depart to airport early in the morning, check in, given the 'first timer' green tag (segaaaannnnn....... :p). Butterfly in the stomach da start hidup terbang-terbang time waiting for safety briefing (compulsory every time b4 boarding chopper). Berdebor-debor jer hati jiwa orang pestime nieyh.. heheh.. Berbekalkan life jacket, earmuff, and doa, carefully walking right to the chopper. Omputeh pilot nieyh sangatlah baek hati, sangatlah gentlemen :) priority goes to ladies (which is ME and friend). So, terasa sangat secure.

10 minutes journey. Short but ah-mah-zing :) Arrived at Aquamarine Driller Vantage, owned by Scotland people (I think so. But for sure, not American). But sorry guys, there is not even single pic i took here because handphone is a BIG NO-NO on this rig.

Aquamarine Driller - Ihsan google

Aquamarine Driller - Night view (ihsan google)
12 days I'm here. There were lots of unexpected problems encountered while drilling this Tukau Timur Deep-1 well. As it is one of HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) well, this is the challenge. But, I'm happy here. Met new friends, new buddies. Got a few hot Malay guys (mudo mudo laie :P) which is I never thought before. Yelah.. sebelum nieyh, takde orang boley buat cuci mata pun. Layan je Jack-up rig nieyh, ada gak terselit jambu-jambu nieyh.. ngeh ngeh ngeh (gelak miang).

And now, I'm here, at Marriot.. utilising the complimentary internet access as much as I can. Alhamdulillah. Thank HIM for granted me this luxury of experience :)

Still! I must say, I look forward for the nixt hitch. or maybe, hitch(es).. Hihi!

Regards! Will write more soon! :)