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Friday, May 21, 2010


I miss how close we used to be,
hate how far apart we have grown

p/s: Dedicated 2 all my besties;
  • Zai
  • Benjo
  • Una,Ekin
  • Afy,Mimie,Huda,Ellisa,Sara,Zana
  • Ariana
Lots of Lurv.. Mmuahh!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sharing is Caring

I am now called as a trainee in an IT Company in Damansara. So, I will be sitting on a chair, facing pc 9 to 5... When there's a job, it will be a disaster day because the task will be given in a huge-fat-bulky size. But, when there is no work, I will be sitting and go through all the noticeable-interesting websites.. There are a lot of em but ofcourse I can't share with you all of them even sharing is caring.. sifu must simpan ckt2 meh.. huhu~ No lah, the truth is, I wanna share my Top Three interesting websites which are:

No.1: Chelaka.com

This is the most horrible-horror-thriller-18SG site ever.. Most of the pictures shown are facts and I can't even look at it more than 5mins.. hu~

No.2: Oh! Tidak.com

This site is the 2nd most horrible thing Ive ever explore... huhu~ Even there are some news or info which are not interesting enough but it is just minor.. Others, great info.


Yeah! now we are out of the HORROR-THRILLER zone... It is a web where we can easily translate languages. Believe it or not, it is not as cool as you imagine, it translate the word one-by-one but it can be our guidance whenever we are in a fuzzy-serabut-short tyme memory loss moment. wee~

Dare to try? hehe~ Hope those lil' info can help you in spending time more wisely other than facebooking, dota, youtube, looklet, tubely ;p, and of coursedon't ever googling the red****. huhu~


As I am currently in practical training period, Most of the time I will facebooking, lookletting..wahaha... where is dat word coming from?hehe.. My fren suggested me to try this web; tubely.com. It is just another one "Agen Cari Jodoh" site through our virtual world.. The good side of it is it have its own chatting room which we can chat with whoever we want without any disturbance like fbchat. But it is a lil' annoying when the web is FULL of unwanted advertisements. Urgh! My mood cancelled already once I see the page.. Who is the stupid fella created such a low standard web.. huh.. and me call myself a stupid one too bcoz I am one of those stupid tubely members..hu~ wanna see the page?

Ni br ckt...kalu bukak agy, agy manyak advertisements menyelit sana cni.hu~

Saturday, May 15, 2010