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Monday, February 8, 2010

hujan bunga di kuala lumpur

its 4.53 am...

it is very weird im attracted to indie or local music... hehe~ 4 d first tyme, i didnt have to listen to the music, only by the musician's appearances, make me wanna know her more n more...

guess whut?? she performs in baju kurung/kebaya attire and accompanied by her only guitar.. its unique!!! he~

isnt she great?? hehe~ her hitz: hujan bunga di kuala lumpur

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


30th jan 2010

kami 1geng g mlaka... huhu~
check out the tentative ;-p :

  1. 0130 - 0400 = way from juhur to malacca.. 7dynoz in 1avanza.... not sleepy at all bcuz we ofcoz karoks all the way to malacca. dangdut, kapak, rock, indie, jazz.. but no ballads pliz.. hehe~
  2. 0400 - 0900 = arrived at afy's house (1 of ma bestie).. tido~~~
  3. 1000 - 1100 = makeups+seap2 maw kwar jln..breakfast(mak afy msk..hehe)
  4. 1100 - 1600 = ambushed a famosa, stadhyus, mahkota parade, dataran... we do lots of shopping here... but not enuff....!!the time is so limited... so.. we juz shopping..no more window shopping at dat tyme...
  • ellisa - boots(rm99.90), cardigan MNG(rm90++), clutch PADINI
  • huda - sunglasses VINCCI, bangle
  • sara - dress BUNDLE, selipa bulu, sunglasses VINCCI
  • zana - selipa jupun
  • mimi - gladiator
  • afy - selipa bulu
  • me - watch VINCCI, pump shoe, selipa jupun

5. 1600 - 1700 = shopped barang2 mentah utk picnic....then, we got back to afy's house,lunch, afterwards- making spaghetti, sausages, chicken drumet
6. 1700 - 1930 = pantai puteri!!!
here we cum.... hehe... fun!! men mcm2 gems... y plg best, gem musang & ayam

7. 1930 - 2200 = pekena satay.. yummy~~~ perot ktoerg full gler tyme nieyh... fuh!!
8. 2230 - 0100 = river cruise + jonker walk.....

argh!!!!!!!!!so tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on sunday, we were leaving malacca at 3pm and arrived juhur lby kurang 4.45pm... hu~

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


hehe..... sgt3 addicted ngn citer nieyh .... lee min ho... seriously u can beat ma hyun joong... b4 nieyh.. i never layan dis kind of korean muvies even series... im just not in2 mamat2 jambu... like em.. but... thru 'we got married' (reality show) and b.o.f (series) they've changed ma thinking... huhuhu~

ADORE them!!

lee min ho

kim hyun joong