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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


where is my Letter of Indemnity & Undertaking ?????????

huh! tyme nieyh gak nk misplaced... !!!

h1n1 dah blah... y did im stil stuck wif dis damn flu.. huh


aiyoo!!! almost everyday...


huh! tot i got 'resdung' cuz 'it' keeps coming and magically dissapear after bout 1/2 an hour.. told my mom already, and she said dat i was only lack of antibody.. not affected by any particular disease.. none of our family inherited resdung... she said lah.. heh..

so, should i seek a doc or not?? hurm~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


petronas gave me rm500 2days ago.. n im overspend it up to rm400..
huh! omg! borosnyer! then i have 2 maintain my precious hundred ringgit til next month.. hu! already decided 2 fast in 2weeks tyme n only eating biscuits to cover my empty stomach.hohoho~

such a pity i am ryte???haha~
well .. as a matter of fact, we can see from positive side where i can diet at the same tyme.. so that, ill be less worry bout my weight.. hehe~

some of my 'xtvt memboroskan duit'..hu~

  • shopping selendang at skudai parade n angsana
  • shopping bags at street mall, danga bay
  • lepak mkn2 cendol
  • shopping at jj tmn U
  • get a very pricey hair treatment- rm162
  • final destination: UTM- bankrupt!
peer influences~ hoho~

Saturday, December 19, 2009

aiyooo....... seriously borink!!!!

jum2...memecahkan otak men gem nieyh....
hehee~ muleyh bwk tensi men mende alah nieyh.......

Little Shop of Treasures 2


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

bat kong!!!! huh!!! dun wan 2 be careless anymore..... xtutup lampu tyme lalu tunnel. keep switched on while we all bermandimanda at desa waterpark.. my avanza trus kong bat nyer... huh!!! pissed off wif my besfren at dat tyme.. cuz shes the driver !!!!! huh!!!.. seb bek got a bunch of guys bek ati got jumper and charged the bat... huh! luckily~~

thanx guys...... fuh!!! lega~~~

Off to Johor

UTM........... i'm back!!!!
argh!! 1month is not enough!!! damn UTM.... y they have 2 start dis semester earlier than other uni.... !! huh.... thou i already filled up the holiday semaksima y mungkin.. huhu~

hangout with frens at key el.... ts...pavi....sogo...jln TAR... wee~
at gombak.... got wed one of my senior..... hee~
zoo negara!!!!
believe it or not???? im posed for washroom's duta..haha... @ the mines lorr...

and desa waterpark!!! we're cummin!!!

its over... my greatest moment here..... huhu~ best2...... bubye.... nt kami datang agy ya???